SUFU’s Annual Appeal is Here and Here’s How YOU Can Help!

Hi Everybody,

We do a lot of interesting and cool things here at SUFU!  To make sure that we have money every year for things like our Annual Conference, Chapter Meetings, Roundups, and lots of other stuff, every year, SUFU raises funds by doing something called an Annual Appeal. 

 Here are More Ways that the Annual Appeal is So Important to SUFU…

  • SUFU members, just like you, are making a difference in politics: For the first time, since SUFU started in 1993, The SUFU Board wrote a transportation bill that was heard by the Maine Legislature, this past Spring!  Members testified in person and many more wrote testimony!
  • SUFU members, just like you, help people in Maine understand what living with a disability is like: Tucker Conley, our Board Chairperson, wrote a great Letter to the Editor, which was published in newspapers statewide!  In the letter  talked about his anger and frustration that abuse and neglect complaints of thousands of people with disabilities, weren’t being looked into very well, by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.  What Tucker wrote really made a difference to a lot of people!
  • In SUFU, we challenge ourselves and others, every day: Whether it’s through Chapter Meetings, Roundups, the SUFU Conference, or being a member of the Chapter Rep Committee or SUFU Board, we challenge ourselves and each other to speak out, improve our lives, and have fun while doing so!
  • SUFU members, just like you, are leaders:  Since 2015, SUFU’s Leadership Program has helped over 30 SUFU members with new skills and knowledge, to not only become more active in their own SUFU Chapters, but also their communities!


Recently, in the mail, you should have received a letter from SUFU asking if you would be willing and able to donate to the 2018 SUFU Annual Appeal, as well.

Whether we receive a donation of 1 dollar, or $1000 dollars, it’s all important and everybody that can donate is helping make SUFU, that much better!


If you have friends or family that you think might also want to donate to SUFU this year, SUFU can also send them a letter, or they can donate online at this link, right here: and fill out the donation box.

If you would like to donate to the 2018 SUFU Annual Appeal but you didn’t receive a letter or think you might have lost it, all you have to do is contact SUFU’s Executive Director, David Unger, at or (207) 956-1004 / Extension 7.

Also, if you would like to send a friend or family member a letter, please contact David.


If we work together, we can make the 2018 Annual Appeal, the best one yet! :)

Take Care,




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