Introducing: SUFU’s New Employment Program!

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Finding a job these days is tough for everybody.  Finding a job when you have a disability like we do, can be just as tough.  Sometimes, even the kindest, nicest, employers might not know that much about disabilities and may think we can’t do the job they need.  Maybe you have been told that you are “too disabled” to work, and aren’t even sure about the kind of job that you would like.  There are some great people who work very hard for programs like Vocational Rehabilitation that have found jobs for a lot of people with disabilities in Maine.  Even so, Vocational Rehabilitation is only one program.

SUFU also wants to help SUFU members in Southern Maine who would like to have a job they enjoy; find a job they enjoy! If you remember, one of the goals that the SUFU Board came up with in its Strategic Plan, was to help Members find meaningful employment.  To help with this through two generous grants, SUFU is immediately hiring an Employment Associate,for our new employment program!

The Employment Associate will be working with a company called, ProSearch, to help SUFU members in Southern Maine find jobs.  The Employment Associate will also assist in providing trainings on how to find a job, atRoundups and Chapter Meetings.

We are very confident that we will be able to expand to other parts of Maine in the near future, so that more members can find jobs.

if you would like to apply for the SUFU Employment Associate position, click here:

If you have other questions about the employment program, feel free to contact David Unger (

This is just the beginning of some exciting new projects for SUFU and we hope that you will be just as excited as we are! :)

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