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Chris Heywood

Hello my name is Chris and I the new location for our Chapter Meetings and like meeting new people. I love the work that the Board gives us and would like to become an officer. I also like the website and think the member log in page is easy to use.

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Paul Picard

My name is Paul and I’m the Treasurer for the Board. I would like to get a Chapter started in my area and I like doing a lot of new stuff on the board. I love being the treasure and also like seeing new members from the other Chapters that are at meetings.

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Tucker Conley

Hello my name is Tucker and I am the Vice Chair for the Board. We picked new officers in our local Chapter and then also collected donations for the Ronald McDonald House. We asked our local legislatures about Transportation and we make decisions for ourselves and use our own voices.

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Sarah Trites

Hello my name is Sarah and I like to help and love to advocate for myself. I know all the work that needs to be done as well and used to be the Co-Chair in New Hampshire. I would like to be an Officer on the Board.

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Josh Lonsdale

Hello my name is Josh and I enjoy the challenge that it brings to be on the Board. I may not be able to do everything, but with the right people, and the right ideas, anything is possible. The reason I joined the SUFU Board, was I learned the effects it has on people, and I want to be committed to keeping positive change constant until no longer needed.

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